In this section you will find glimpses of a long-standing engagement with issues within and about science. This work deals with scientific methods as well as findings .

Observatory is an installation consisting of brass spheres held in suspension between stretched steel wires.

A trilogy of works begins with CAT, a comparative study of quantum physics and the Indian science of vipassana meditation. For this piece the artist was sealed, with nothing but drinking water, in a lightproof and soundproof box for ten days.

The second part is Self/Portrait, a live art work using computers, video imagery, ECG machines and meditative practices. The essential concern is to examine the relationship between objective measurements of Heart Rate Variability and the subjective experience of emotional states.

A large scale work, Array, is currently in progress, bringing together hermetic tradition, radio astronomy and the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. It consists of twelve bowls placed in a circle of 4,000 mile radius centred on the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, transforming the planet earth into an eyeball.

Together this trilogy details a scientific/artistic approach to phenomena at the fundamental, human and cosmic levels. Apart from this large-scale project Ansuman continues to develop a number of other pieces. For instance, he recently undertook a parabolic zero gravity flight in Star City, Moscow, presenting a performance and an installation in weightless conditions. The performance consisted of him dressed as a rather flamboyant genie flying around on a magic carpet.




Seeing by starlight

Does the human penetration of more and more of the biosphere, and even beyond, represent a kind of progress?

From what vantage points might this colonization be regarded with indifference, or even met with resistance?

In the face of the steady march of human civilization what is the status of the Wild, or of the Commons?

Like Literacy, Democracy, or Medicine, scientific/industrial/technological expansionism appears, in some quarters, to be an unalloyed good. In my work I have often sought to loosen the hold of such received wisdom. Occasionally my projects have articulated an explicit challenge, but more often they have sought to playfully repurpose the materials, agencies and procedures of conventional science, in the interests of heterodoxy.

With the spread of urban civilization, mankind's greatest loss has been its view of the stars. Floodlit by its own power, human culture no longer has its nightly reminder of the sense of awe. We are no longer routinely humbled by the presence of an infinitely larger pattern than our own.

If the blinding light of science is not to lead us into the crime of hubris, then it must be matched by an artistic practice of equal sophistication. This artistic practice must bring with it shadows, uncertainties and the faint glimmers of a far greater effulgence than our own.






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